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Molly Nash was born on July 4th, 1994. From all appearances, Molly is just like any other girl her age . . . she loves dancing, listening to music, and going ice skating. She enjoys helping her mom cook and make crafts; and she has dreams of growing up to be just like her dance teacher.

Unfortunately, appearances in this case are deceiving. This lover of life is not like all other little kids her age because Molly has a horrible disease that threatens her life.

This Web site is dedicated to helping people learn more about what a special girl Molly is and to educate everyone about the disease she is fighting, Fanconi anemia. Through raising awareness and money for research, our family strives to give hope to Molly and other children suffering from this killer.

We welcome you to the site and encourage you to tell others about it and to bookmark this page so you can keep abreast of Molly's progress.

She loves to get pictures and letters from people. She is hanging the pictures on her wall.

Please keep up the mail, she LOVES reading one and all, especially the "adventures of the slippers."

For more pictures of Molly, take a look here: About Me

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Molly Dressing Up

Find out who Molly is and why she is so special!
What's happening in Molly's life - -

Look at some of the stuff that Molly likes to do.

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See the most recent updates in Fanconi anemia research and find out Family News.

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Send a note or picture to Molly. She loves to get mail.